EMDR HAP MN Resilience Project for Veterans

The EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs (HAP) project in Minnesota

EMDR HAP MN Resilience Project for Veterans who have served since 2001

Many Veterans find the fight is not over after returning home. Combat trauma, emotional and other “unseen injuries” suffered during military or combat deployments, as well as trauma from sexual assault and harassment, continue to follow Veterans and Families. Some of these situations have left Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or its symptoms. Traumatic Brain Injury further complicates their recovery. Our project provides an effective, evidence-based kind of therapeutic service which has not been widely used in Minnesota for returning Veterans serving since 2001.

The project’s therapists welcome veterans home and are ready to provide help for male and female vets to rebound. They can help veterans “reprocess” disturbing memories and experiences so they regain the resilience to enjoy life more deeply.

Most referrals will be made within a 75 mile radius of the Twin Cities, but there are also project therapists in Virginia, Grand Rapids, North Branch, Alexandria, St. Cloud, Fairmont, Bemidji, Mankato and Rochester.


Download HAP Veteran Resilience Project Fact Sheet


To gain information about the Project, Contact Elaine Wynne, M.A., L.P., EMDR Approved Consultant and Site Manager of the HAP MN Veteran Resilience Project, ewynne@emdrhap.org or (763)546-1662

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