Volunteers for Las Vegas

As we work to organize efforts towards hope & healing for Las Vegas in the wake of the horrific mass shooting, we ask all local EMDR therapy-trained clinicians interested in volunteering to please join our Trauma Recovery Network (TRN). Our TRN volunteers provide treatment and training to their communities to build preparedness in times of peace and to provide recovery after man-made and natural disasters.

Please follow the below steps to join the TRN:
1. Create a Volunteer account through our website
2. Once signed up, apply to the TRN via your volunteer account homepage or by visiting: https://www.emdrhap.org/content/trn-member-application/
3. On the last page of the application select an At-Large Member from the drop-down. If a Las Vegas TRN is created over the next few weeks all local At-Large Members will have their membership updated.

At this time, it is too early to provide information about what efforts we may be able to organize for the community, but it is vital for our organization to have volunteers available as soon as we do.  We will update our TRN membership with ways you can help as further information becomes available.

For more TRN information visit: https://www.emdrhap.org/content/trauma-recovery-network/

If you are interested in taking an active role in forming a Las Vegas TRN contact trn@emdrhap.org.

The Heart of Texas, Trauma Recovery Network (TRN) Needs Your Help!

Hurricane Harvey has severely affected all Texans and the nation.

Currently, the Heart of Texas TRN is accepting all Texas Trauma Recovery/HAP volunteers into the Heart of Texas TRN who wish to do so.

In order to select Heart of Texas as your local TRN, you must first be signed up as a Trauma Recovery/HAP Volunteer.

This is how you sign up:

  1. At emdrhap.org select “Create A Volunteer Account” under the Volunteer tab (or click here)
  2. Fill out each section with the requested information
  3. At the bottom of each section, click “Save and Continue”
  4. When you complete the final page look for: “Trauma Recovery Network (TRN) Information – If you wish to volunteer for the Trauma Recovery Network (TRN) You May Apply Here
  5. Click on “Apply Here”
  6. Click the checkbox to confirm your eligibility and then proceed to confirm the information we have on file is correct on each following page
  7. The last page will contain a dropdown list of TRN associations to join – Click on “The Heart of Texas TRN”

This will make you a member.  *If you have already signed up as a volunteer, but are not a TRN member log in to your account and follow steps 4-7.

More ways to help:

We know that so many of you want to contribute to these efforts!    Right now, we encourage you to make a donation of any amount to the Francine Shapiro Fund for Disaster Recovery by clicking here or visiting our donation page and clicking on the Francine Shapiro Fund image. This will make additional funds available to support Trauma Recovery/HAP efforts in Texas and in other Communities impacted by a natural or man-made disaster.

Thank you 2017 EMDRIA Conference friends, donors and participants!

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth, participated in our raffle, shopped our store products, attended our events, purchased dance tickets and boogied on the dance floor with us at the 2017 EMDRIA Conference!  We had a great time seeing everyone and your support means so much to us!

We so appreciate our generous 2017 Raffle donors: Brenda Rohren, Behavioral Health Resources LLC; Tom Beckman, HeartMath; Cynthia Kong and Gerald Puk; Carol Martin; Heidi Sammons, Mentor Books; Arnold (AJ) Popky; Michael Corkery, NeuroTek Technologies; Carolyn McNally.

Thank you to our participants for your donations and congratulations winners! Enjoy your prizes and see you next year!

Annual Fundraising Dance Presale!

The 2017 EMDRIA Conference will be in Bellevue, WA August 24-27th.  We invite all in attendance to join us on the dance floor after the EMDRIA Awards Dinner on Saturday, August 26th!  Tickets are available here at a discounted presale rate.  Full price tickets will also be available at our booth and outside of the Dinner on Saturday the 26th.  Hope to see you there!

Thank you to our sponsors!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made the inaugural EMDR Humanitarian Hero Awards such a wonderful event!  Your support made it possible to honor the fantastic work of Anthony Campbell, New Haven Interim Chief of Police, and Colette Anderson, Executive Director of the CT Women’s Consortium.

We so appreciate your sponsorships!

Aili Arisco
Cynthia Carr & Marc Wallman
Eder Family Foundation
Generation  Prime
Fred & Carol Martin
Graustein Foundation
Living on Purpose
Roberta Dunton
Susan Shrier
William Stadtlander

Carolyn McNally
Commercial Insurance Agents
Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

Additional thanks to our Patron level ticket holders: Anthony Avallone, Carmen Jimenez, Howard Reitman of Reitman Personnel, Toad’s Place, TPTEP & Associates LLC!

Happy National Volunteer Week!


Trauma Recovery/HAP’s mission could not be fulfilled without each of you donating your time and knowledge to our organization. We are so thankful to our Faculty volunteers who provide high quality education and training to our participants, our Trauma Recovery Networks for their efforts within their communities and to our international volunteers located overseas who have helped spread EMDR therapy throughout the world. We are so appreciative for all you do!! During this National Volunteer Week, we wish to highlight efforts over the past year that your hard work made possible.  Check out our facebook for updates!

From Carol, Karl, Don, Andrea, Elaine, Stephanie, Tracy, Nicolette and Linda – we send sincere thanks to our volunteers! You guys are the best!


The EMDR Humanitarian Hero Awards

May 4th at 5:30 PM at Cascade in Hamden, CT


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The Inaugural EMDR Humanitarian Hero Awards

On May 4th at 5:30 PM at Cascade in Hamden, CT…







In today’s 24-7 news cycle, it seems that barely a day goes by that we are not confronted with a tragedy somewhere in the world. Our mission, as a disaster recovery organization, is to deliver on-site education and assistance to clinicians and other human services personnel within a disaster impacted community, creating an enduring resource for local recovery efforts. But we can only fulfill our mission with the help of amazing and dedicated professionals in our community, across the USA and around the world.

The EMDR Humanitarian Hero Award is designed to recognize the efforts of those essential people who dedicate themselves to helping those traumatized by natural or man-made disasters. Colette Anderson and Anthony Campbell, this year’s honorees, have both worked to make it possible for more individuals from under-served communities to gain access to mental health resources.


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With each Amazon purchase you could be donating to HAP!

EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs Inc

Help those suffering from trauma…

… by making a gift to the Francine Shapiro Fund for Disaster Recovery


NEW On-Demand Online Training Coming Soon!

How to Build an EMDR Adjunctive Therapy Program at a Community Mental Health Agency 

specialtyEMDR therapy can be implemented as an adjunctive therapy in agencies, taking advantage of agency strengths and minimizing weaknesses. Focus is on working effectively and purposefully to ensure best treatment for clients and less burnout for clinicians. Integrating EMDR into an “Active Ingredients” approach creates an effective and comprehensive program.

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This workshop is for all therapists. You do not need to be EMDR trained as this is an adjunctive model.