Introducing the Trauma Recovery Network…

Every year across the U.S., community emergencies strike localities and whole regions, with attendant property damage, injury and loss of life. Among the serious harms resulting from these events is psychological trauma, affecting both survivors and the emergency responders who come to their aid.

Since 1995, at the time of a terrorist bombing in Oklahoma City, Trauma Recovery, EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs has brought mental health clinicians with evidence-based therapy to the scene of disasters, providing pro bono care to thousands.The Trauma Recovery Network (TRN) grew out of this tradition and now helps hundreds of skilled therapist/volunteers to serve communities affected by disasters through a comprehensive program of preparation, mitigation, rescue and response.

The TRN is sponsored and coordinated at the national level by Trauma Recovery/HAP. The key partners in the project are the growing number of local/regional Trauma Recovery Network Associations or Chapters staffed by volunteers who prepare themselves and their communities to restore and safeguard psychological well-being in the event of a disaster.

A TRN Association is a community of local EMDR clinicians not choosing to form a legally registered entity.

A TRN Chapter is a community of active local EMDR clinicians ready to organize as a non-profit entity and to become a registered affiliate of Trauma Recovery/HAP.

WHAT WE DO: Each TRN association or chapter aims to be highly knowledgeable about the needs of its own community and well networked as part of the local emergency response system or other supportive community service. The national network helps each chapter to keep up to date on emerging best practices for early treatment of psychological trauma. When disasters are very large, the TRN helps local chapters call upon clinicians from associations or chapters in other localities to contribute their own pro bono services, drawing on the same set of skills and methods.

CONTACT: National and regional organizations engaged in emergency response, as well as members of the press, are invited to contact the Trauma Recovery Network to learn more about how and where we are assisting recovery.

JOIN: EMDR clinicians can join a TRN association or chapter. Learn more on this site and make an online application. If no TRN association or chapter is located near you, you may become a TRN clinician at large as part of a National Trauma Recovery Network. These are a group of volunteers engaged in the TRN initiative, where a local EMDR clinician community has not yet come together.

START A CHAPTER: If your local area does not have one, you can start an association or chapter, with assistance from the national TRN office, which you can contact at (203) 288-4450.