The Heart of Texas, Trauma Recovery Network (TRN) Needs Your Help!

Hurricane Harvey has severely affected all Texans and the nation.

Currently, the Heart of Texas TRN is accepting all Texas Trauma Recovery/HAP volunteers into the Heart of Texas TRN who wish to do so.

In order to select Heart of Texas as your local TRN, you must first be signed up as a Trauma Recovery/HAP Volunteer.

This is how you sign up:

  1. At select “Create A Volunteer Account” under the Volunteer tab (or click here)
  2. Fill out each section with the requested information
  3. At the bottom of each section, click “Save and Continue”
  4. When you complete the final page look for: “Trauma Recovery Network (TRN) Information – If you wish to volunteer for the Trauma Recovery Network (TRN) You May Apply Here
  5. Click on “Apply Here”
  6. Click the checkbox to confirm your eligibility and then proceed to confirm the information we have on file is correct on each following page
  7. The last page will contain a dropdown list of TRN associations to join – Click on “The Heart of Texas TRN”

This will make you a member.  *If you have already signed up as a volunteer, but are not a TRN member log in to your account and follow steps 4-7.

More ways to help:

We know that so many of you want to contribute to these efforts!    Right now, we encourage you to make a donation of any amount to the Francine Shapiro Fund for Disaster Recovery by clicking here or visiting our donation page and clicking on the Francine Shapiro Fund image. This will make additional funds available to support Trauma Recovery/HAP efforts in Texas and in other Communities impacted by a natural or man-made disaster.

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