Call for Volunteers:

As we work to organize efforts towards hope & healing for Las Vegas, New York City, Texas and where ever the next tragedy might strike, we ask all local EMDR therapy-trained clinicians interested in volunteering to please join our Trauma Recovery Network (TRN). Our TRN volunteers provide treatment and training to their communities to build preparedness in times of peace and to provide recovery after man-made and natural disasters.

Please follow the below steps to join the TRN:
1. Create a Volunteer account through our website
2. Once signed up, apply to the TRN via your volunteer account homepage or by visiting:
3. On the last page of the application select an At-Large Member from the drop-down. If a Las Vegas TRN is created over the next few weeks all local At-Large Members will have their membership updated.

At this time, it is too early to provide information about what efforts we may be able to organize for the community, but it is vital for our organization to have volunteers available as soon as we do.  We will update our TRN membership with ways you can help as further information becomes available.

For more TRN information visit:

If you are interested in taking an active role in forming a local TRN group contact

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