Statement of Concern and Action

We join the caring and concerned members of the professional association, EMDRIA, in expressing our thoughts for the children and families that have been affected by the current situation forcing them to be separated. One of the core tenets of our work is a commitment to those who are most vulnerable in our communities and in other parts of the world. Those who are suffering from the effects of trauma brought on by events such as war, oppression, violence and the effects of extreme weather. It is hard to imagine a more vulnerable person than a child who, with their parents, may be fleeing violence and oppression in their home country. This experience can inflict trauma that can create long lasting generational damage on all who are involved including those who are witness to it.

Right now, we are developing a comprehensive plan of action. Our efforts are informed by a committee of volunteers in the Southern borders, led by Peggy Moore, LISW and Dee Blinka, LCSW, ACSW, BCD. We will continue to keep you apprised as we better understand how and where we can be most effective.

Over the past 25 years, we have learned that collaborating with local organizations, agencies and professionals has allowed us to have the most profound and long-lasting effect on the individuals and communities served. The goal is to put in place long term practices and structures that will serve the providers of service as well as the receivers of service. We will be asking Trauma Recovery Network (TRN) members and others to join us to provide direct services to the affected families and children.

Our mission remains the same: To increase the capacity for effective treatment of psychological trauma in underserved communities throughout the world. Trauma Recovery/HAP volunteers are well-trained EMDR therapists who give of their caring, time and expertise to achieve this mission. Their support and the support of others will be invaluable during this time of heartbreaking and overwhelming need. These children and their families need our help. And, we will be there!


Carol R. Martin
Executive Director
Trauma Recovery/HAP

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