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Event Information

Dates02/06/2020 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
02/07/2020 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
LocationAvon, CT


EMDR Clinicians who have completed Part I and Part II Basic EMDR Training


EMDR Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol (R-TEP) Workshop

A Comprehensive Approach for Early EMDR Intervention

The Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol (R-TEP) is part of a comprehensive approach to Early EMDR Intervention (EEI).  This workshop incorporates and extends existing protocols within a new conceptual framework, together with additional measures for containment and safety.  Checking for sub-clinical sticking points which can obstruct Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) and don’t necessarily show up on the DSM radar, the R-TEP may reduce sensitization and accumulation of trauma memories.

R-TEP will be taught with video case illustrations, live demonstration and a practicum.


EMDR Group Traumatic Episode Protocol (G-TEP)

A Group Application of the EMDR Recent-Traumatic Episode Protocol (R-TEP)

This workshop gives a brief overview of the Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol (R-TEP) and presents a new practical application: the G-TEP (Group Traumatic Episode Protocol) –with its worksheet format for simplified utilization in emergency situations. The EMDR R-TEP and G-TEP have shown beneficial results in controlled studies conducted by Turkish colleagues working with Syrian refugees.

 G-TEP will be taught with video illustrations and a practice.

CEU Information

Participants will need to check with their agency administrator for details about obtaining CEUs.

12 CEUs (optional) will be available for this Workshop at an additional cost.

12 EMDRIA Credits are included in the price of registration for this Workshop. Participants that attend this workshop will receive a Certificate of Completion (including 12 EMDRIA Credits) and an approval number.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be in writing, by email, fax or letter.

Cancellation 14 Business Days (1/19/2020) Prior to Event Start Date:
Refund of basic training fee, less a $45 administrative fee, upon receipt of a written cancellation postmarked no later than 14 days prior to the Event's advertised start date (via letter, email (training@emdrhap.org), or FAX 203-288-4060.

Cancellation between 1/19/2020 and the 4th Business Day Prior to Event Start Date:
50% refund of basic training fee, upon receipt of a written cancellation postmarked no later than 4 days prior to the Event's advertised start date (via letter, email (training@emdrhap.org), or FAX 203-288-4060.

Cancellation Within 72 Hours of Event Start Date:
No refund for cancellations within 72 hours (3 days) of the Event's advertised start date.

Cancellation Regarding Inclement Weather
It is the policy of Trauma Recovery/HAP that trainings will go ahead during bad weather, unless Trauma Recovery/HAP decides the severity of conditions warrant canceling and/or municipal or state government offices are closed.

Registrants should make every reasonable effort to get to the training. If for some reason they are unable to make it to the training (e.g. their flight is cancelled), they would be required to provide proof of this and an exception could be made.

In the event that Trauma Recovery/HAP is forced to cancel the training (or if a host agency makes the decision to cancel a training), Trauma Recovery/HAP will email registrants to announce this.

If the training is cancelled due to inclement weather, it will be rescheduled and registrants will be transferred to the new date. Any registrants who are unable to make the new date will receive a full refund.


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