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EMDR Part I Registration

Welcome to the Trauma Recovery/HAP Registration Process. The registration process will take you approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

If you are registering multiple participants, you must register each participant one at a time. This system does not support simultaneous registrations through multiple browser windows.

Event Information

Dates11/01/2019 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
11/02/2019 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
11/03/2019 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
LocationPhiladelphia, PA


**PLEASE NOTE** New EMDRIA requirement - 2 Year Time Frame for Completion of an EMDRIA Approved EMDR Training

Beginning January 1, 2017 participants who begin the EMDR training must complete the entire training (this includes Part 1, Part 2, and ALL 10 hours of Required Consultation) within 24 months from their initial start date.


Grievances are only accepted in writing and will be handled within ten business days.  For ADA assistance, please contact the HAP office.

Trauma Recovery/HAP Training is available to clinicians who work twenty-four (24) or more hours per week for public or non-profit organizations in a clinical mental health capacity. You may work for more than one non-profit to reach the 24 hour per week requirement.

EMDR training is also available to full time students enrolled in a Master's or Doctorate level program in the mental health field (Social Work, Counseling, Marriage Family Therapy, Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychiatric Nursing ---- first year students not eligible). Students are not required to work 24 or more hours in a non profit or public sector agency, but will be asked to submit a Supervisor's approval form.

Participants who will be paying their own registration fee (except students) will be asked to submit a Verification of Employment with a Nonprofit, signed by the Agency Administrator or HR Manager, with your employer's name, organization name, address, city, state, phone number and email address. A Verification Form will be sent to your employer.

Prior to your training, it is required that you read the first eight chapters of Francine Shapiro's book: "Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing: Basic Principles, Protocols, and Procedures, 3rd Edition". It is recommended that you read Francine Shapiro's book "Getting past your past".
The books are available at any major online bookstore. All other Trauma Recovery/HAP resources are available through the Trauma Recovery/HAP site: http://www.emdrhap.org/content/resource-center/

Prior to registering for EMDR Basic Training Part II, HAP requires completion of a HAP or Institute EMDR Basic Training Part I and a recommended (not mandatory) minimum of 4 - 6 hours of consultation. If EMDR Part I training was completed prior to 2007, Part I must be taken again before attending Part II to ensure the participant is trained on the current training model, which includes AIP as part of EMDR theory. It is also recommended that 4-6 hours of consultation is completed.

To obtain the EMDR Basic Training Certificate of Completion, a total of ten consultation hours must be completed with one of the EMDRIA Approved Consultants (or Consultants-in-training) registered on the HAP Consultation Directory. Training fees do not include case consultation.

For questions about EMDRIA Certification in EMDR, please contact EMDR International Association (EMDRIA)'s website at www.emdria.org directly.

If after you register it is determined that you do NOT work the minimum required hours at a non-profit organization you will not be admitted to the training and the fee paid for the training will not be refunded.

All participants in the Training must be licensed or on a licensing track.

Licensed clinicians:

  • Must be in good standing in the jurisdiction in which they practice; you will be asked to supply your license number and the issuing authority.
  • Must be licensed in a clinical mental health field.

Not yet licensed:

  • Must be working towards licensing.
  • Must be working under the supervision of a licensed clinician who can complete and sign the Supervisor's Approval Form.

Master's Degree Student:

  • Degree must be in a mental health field that will lead to licensing after graduation.
  • Must be in clinical portion of your training (first year students are not eligible).
  • Must be working under the supervision of a licensed clinician who can complete and sign the Supervisor's Approval Form.

Please be sure Trauma Recovery/HAP receives the completed Supervisor Approval Form at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the Training. Timely receipt of the Supervisor Approval Form is a requirement for attending the training.


CEU Information

Participants will need to check with their agency administrator regarding their CEUs.

For a list of National CE approvals, please click here http://ce-classes.com/approvals/

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be in writing, by email, fax or letter.

Cancellation 14 Business Days (10/14/2019) Prior to Event Start Date:
Refund of basic training fee, less a $45 administrative fee, upon receipt of a written cancellation postmarked no later than 14 days prior to the Event's advertised start date (via letter, email (training@emdrhap.org), or FAX 203-288-4060.

Cancellation between 10/14/2019 and the 4th Business Day Prior to Event Start Date:
50% refund of basic training fee, upon receipt of a written cancellation postmarked no later than 4 days prior to the Event's advertised start date (via letter, email (training@emdrhap.org), or FAX 203-288-4060.

Cancellation Within 72 Hours of Event Start Date:
No refund for cancellations within 72 hours (3 days) of the Event's advertised start date.

Cancellation Regarding Inclement Weather
It is the policy of Trauma Recovery/HAP that trainings will go ahead during bad weather, unless Trauma Recovery/HAP decides the severity of conditions warrant canceling and/or municipal or state government offices are closed.

Registrants should make every reasonable effort to get to the training. If for some reason they are unable to make it to the training (e.g. their flight is cancelled), they would be required to provide proof of this and an exception could be made.

In the event that Trauma Recovery/HAP is forced to cancel the training (or if a host agency makes the decision to cancel a training), Trauma Recovery/HAP will email registrants to announce this.

If the training is cancelled due to inclement weather, it will be rescheduled and registrants will be transferred to the new date. Any registrants who are unable to make the new date will receive a full refund.


Please Note: There will be an additional fee of $55.00 per training payable to Council for Relationships to cover overhead costs and APA-approved CE certificates.  Please contact Anneliese Sorrentino at 610-766-2963 or asorrentino@councilforrelationships.org  for more information on how to make the additional payment before you actually register.

Part 2 of this training will be scheduled for March 13-15, 2020.  Once everyone has registered for Part I, you will be sent an e-mail with directions and a code to register for Part 2.