HAP Traumatology & Stabilization Workshop

The Traumatology & Stabilization Workshop is a one-day workshop presented by mental health clinicians who are expert in the treatment of psychological trauma. It is aimed at explaining to both clinical and lay audiences why a clinical response to trauma is a valuable and necessary component of effective mental health resources in an agency or community. Traumatology & Stabilization Workshops can be hosted by non-profit or for profit agencies.

Eligibility Requirements
Participants do not need to be EMDR trained; anyone who is in contact with people who have experienced trauma and chronic stress may attend.

Clinicians will receive an introduction or review of underlying processes that generate trauma disorders, specific stabilization methods as part of trauma therapy, information about how stressful events can result in a diagnosis of PTSD, an overview of PTSD treatment, and practical stabilization techniques.

Non-clinicians will receive reassurance that trauma is a treatable brain state, an understanding of how trauma manifests itself, and stabilization self-help techniques that non-clinicians can use to calm or soothe themselves or others when they are experiencing traumatic stress.

For those who have already completed EMDR Basic Training, the Traumatology and Stabilization Workshop will offer clinicians the skills to identify if and when a client is becoming retraumatized during the treatment, the stabilization tools to assist clients in revisiting traumatic material in a safe way, and the ability to move the system towards resolution of the trauma.

Traumatology & Stabilization Workshop Details

This one-day workshop (9:00 am – 5:00 pm) includes a morning lecture on traumatology and an afternoon lecture and practicum on stabilization techniques to use with trauma survivors and with people who have experienced chronic stress.

The following will be presented:

  • The psychobiology of how our brains are adapted to manage stress
  • The effects on the body when the brain cannot digest a stressful situation adequately
  • Resiliency factors that promote a healthy response to trauma and chronic stress
  • Factors that lead to the development of PTSD
  • The spectrum of traumatic stress responses – symptoms and behaviors that may arise after an individual has been impacted by a stressful event
  • Stages of trauma treatment
  • Several practical stabilization techniques for self care and to be used with clients
Fee for Traumatology & Stabilization Workshop

Please refer to our Training Schedule for prices of currently scheduled Traumatology & Stabilization Workshop.


Hosting agencies may request HAP to arrange for seven CEUs. Eligible trainees will be allowed to purchase these CEUs from www.ce-classes.com using keycodes which will be emailed to them after their attendance at the training has been confirmed and payment has been received.

Alternatively, agencies may apply for CEUs on their own for their training event. HAP will provide all necessary documentation to agencies who choose to apply for CEUs.

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