Getting Involved

We Are Trauma Recovery/HAP—Building a Legacy of Hope

Our mission is based on the fundamental belief that violence and suffering are an injustice. More unjust is the real possibility that the pain of trauma can be passed along to future generations. Trauma Recovery/HAP’s work is based on the belief that healing from trauma is possible and that when pain has been addressed, hope can take its place. Healed and healthy human can have a positive impact on their family, neighbors, community, perhaps even their government. They have the power to change the world. This ripple effect can continue for generations – even indefinitely, if given the opportunity.

The ripple effect of healing and hope has the power to change the world
Thousands of therapists who have learned to effectively treat trauma through Trauma Recovery/HAP training missions—each one has the ability to help hundreds of people whose lives have been shattered by trauma. These therapists and the people they serve are a powerful testimony to the legacy of hope and healing we are building. But the power of our outreach does not end there, each healed person returns to their community more resilient and empowered—more able to break the cycle of suffering for others, creating a ripple of change in all they go to do. But each ripple starts with someone willing to put their hand in the water. And that is precisely what Trauma Recovery/HAP supporters do every day, throughout the world.

Trauma Recovery/HAP is a community
Trauma Recovery/HAP is a community of hundreds of therapists who donate their time and talent to help others learn the tools needed to heal their communities. We are the Trauma Recovery Networks that weave support into a fabric of a community assuring they are prepared for and can recover from a disaster. And we are thousands of donors who provide the resources that keep our outreach and mission active and alive.

Trauma Recovery/HAP makes ripples…..will you join the wave?