Welcoming Our Newest Board Member

Trauma Recovery Humanitarian Assistance Programs is pleased to announce and welcome our newest board member, Kenneth Miller. Ken joined the EMDR HAP Board in the spring of this year. He had recently retired from many years serving as Senior Associate General Counsel for Yale University, when his friend and colleague Cynthia Carr introduced him to Trauma Recovery Humanitarian Assistance Programs. While he had known of Cynthia’s role on the board of our non-profit, he was not familiar with our mission or worldwide operations. Once he learned more and met the Trauma Recovery Humanitarian Assistance Programs board members, he decided to join and lend his talents to the organization.

Miller received his bachelor’s degree at Yale College (1971), his JD at Harvard Law School (1977), his Master of Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School (1977), and his M. Phil. in economics from Oxford University (1977). From 1987 through his retirement in 2018, Ken Miller served as Senior Associate General Counsel at Yale University where his principal practice areas included investment management, antitrust, corporate governance and taxation of nonprofits.

Ken plans to lend his expertise to corporate governance of Trauma Recovery/HAP, as well as taxation and other management issues to insure the long-term sustainability of our non­profit.

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