Start a TRN Association or Chapter in Your Community

Trauma Recovery Network (TRN) associations and chapters bring together EMDR therapists ready to serve their community in times of emergency. Members bring diverse expertise to their chapter and benefit from active programs of professional development in the area of clinical emergency response. Beyond their clinical role in times of emergency, TRN volunteers have opportunities to serve in other roles to support the TRN mission.


  • Three or more clinicians who have registered online as TRN volunteers may apply to create a new affiliated TRN association or chapter
  • A TRN Chapter is a community of active local EMDR clinicians ready to organize as a non-profit entity in their state and to become a registered affiliate of Trauma Recovery/HAP. This also includes TR/HAP obtaining group federal tax exemption, giving the TRN chapter tax exempt status. They are required to report annually to the state to maintain regulation and to Trauma Recovery/HAP to retain the TRN Chapter’s tax exempt status.
  • New TRN associations or chapters should serve specified communities and should not serve communities currently served by another association or chapter
  • Specify a Coordinator/Point of Contact who is authorized by the association or chapter to represent the association or chapter in relations with the national TRN and other TRN associations and chapters
  • Identify any additional coordinators who have been appointed to assist the Point of Contact
  • Identify at least one EMDRIA-approved consultant available to support volunteers in their pro bono clinical work as members of the association or chapter

To apply for association or chapter affiliation with the TRN, all founding members should first complete the TRN member application, then the Point of Contact should contact us here. An online application to expedite this process is under development.


The national Trauma Recovery Network (NTRN) strives to assist the growth of local TRN associations and chapters engaged in not-for-profit pro bono services, and to uphold standards of good practice that are consistent with research findings and with the experience of EMDR clinicians who have been active and effective in emergency response. Successful applicants will be authorized to employ the designation “Trauma Recovery Network Association or Chapter.”

Beyond expecting conformity with the Mission and Functions, Statement of Principles and Basic Standards, NTRN does not exercise any control over the governance or activity of individual associations or chapters or their members. NTRN operates as a project of Trauma Recovery/EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs and endeavors to support the growth of a strong, voluntary network of pro bono providers of care, working through self-governing associations and chapters in local communities across the nation.

Apply here to join the TRN.