Trauma Recovery/HAP Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to sign up as a Trauma Recovery/HAP and TRN volunteers?
Go to the TR/HAP website and sign up as a Trauma Recovery /HAP Volunteer. Follow the prompts to continue and sign up as a TRN Volunteer.

What are the three opportunities that now exist to serve as a TRN Volunteer?

  • National Trauma Recovery Network (NTRN)
  • Trauma Recovery Network Association
  • Trauma Recovery Network Chapter

What services does a TRN provide to the Community?
Volunteers can provide time limited and pro bono EMDR therapy intervention if there is a disaster in their community. In addition, they can elect to provide a defined supportive service to a community, instead of a disaster response.

Are Volunteers Required to be EMDRIA Certified in EMDR?
It is strongly recommended that Volunteers be EMDRIA Certified in EMDR, due to the challenge of disaster intervention. Volunteers are required to have completed Basic Training in EMDR.

What is the TRN Manual and how do I find it?
The manual is located at the Trauma Recovery/HAP website at and can be found within the TRN section.
The TRN Manual is designed to be of assistance to TRN related activities. It contains a large amount of resources and information about using EMDR therapy to intervene in the event of a community disaster. The TRN Manual is in a PDF form. You can download any or all of the manual, one section at a time.

When was the idea of a TRN born?
The first informal TRN was organized to provide EMDR therapy to first responders at the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. A group of EMDR clinicians traveled to Oklahoma City as volunteers and worked with the first responders.

What is a TRN Chapter?
A TRN Chapter is a community of active local EMDR clinicians who have decided to organize as a non-profit entity and to become a registered affiliate of Trauma Recovery/HAP.
TRN volunteers are not required to register as a Chapter. They can choose to join as a TRN Network Association or in the National Trauma Recovery Network.

Where can I find a list of the current TRN’s?
A list of current TRN’s is provided on the Trauma Recovery/Hap website.

How do regions organize their TRN’s geographically?
We encourage the TRNS’s to organize multiple TRNS’s within their state to allow for the greatest flexibility in their response to community needs.