Louisville Metro, KY TRN Association

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Susan K. Bione

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Louisville Metro TRN Association
Mission Statement:

To develop and maintain a network of licensed clinicians who provide early EMDR interventions for PTSD, especially as it relates to gun violence in Louisville Metro.

The broad goals of The Louisville Metro TRN association are �preparedness, mitigation, and recovery.� The following key functions will be utilized to further the goals:

Professional Development
Public Education
Networking with local emergency response system
Networking with other chapters/associations in the National TRN
Responding to gun violence in our community
Responding to emergencies at the request of other associations.


The Louisville Metro TRN Association will utilize the Recent Events Protocol to help our community and clients process and heal from trauma/PTSD due to gun violence in the Louisville Metro Community. We will offer at minimum 5 sessions of Pro Bono EMDR services to each client that is accepted by The Louisville Metro TRN Association.

TRN Coordinator: Sue Bione, MSC, LMFT
TRN EMDRIA Approved Consultant: Robert Grubbs, LCSW
Launch date: 5/8/2017