Riverside County TRN Association


Kara Nossardi

Contact Information


43533 Ridge Park Drive
Suite H
Temecula,, CA 92590USA

Riverside County Trauma Recovery Network

Mission: The Riverside County Trauma Recovery Network’s team of skilled
therapists will support the community after a natural or human-made disaster by offering between six to ten sessions of pro-bono EMDR Therapy to impacted
community members and first responders.

Model: Pro-bono work will include, but is not limited to, the EMDR recent event
protocol, EMD, and the full 8-phase EMDR protocol.

TRN Coordinator:
Kara Nossardi, LMFT, (510) 388-4725, kara@karanossardi.com

TRN Approved Consultant:
Jacqueline Stewart, MA, LMFT, (714) 264-2739, ladyjaq3@gmail.com

Launch date: March 28, 2019