Triangle Area NC TRN Association

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Cora Passanisi

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1829 East Franklin Street
Suite 1200B
Chapel Hill, NC 27514United States

Triangle Area NC TRN

Community Focus: Our group is formed in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic that is deeply affecting our communities, and so many others. We will strive to provide high quality care in addressing the trauma related psychological needs of first line health workers. Referrals will originate primarily from within the UNC Chapel Hill and possibly Duke Healthcare systems (pending capacity) who are experiencing trauma as a result of the crucial roles they are playing in COVID-19 response.

Model: Initial efforts will focus primarily on implementation of a brief treatment model (6-10 sessions) using the EMD and R-TEP protocols, as recommended by TR/EMDR HAP, with the goal of stabilization. Sessions will be delivered 1:1 via telehealth due to social distancing requirements associated with coronavirus. The group will also explore the development and implementation of possible remote application of the G-TEP/IGTP protocol.

EMDRIA Approved Consultant:
Kathleen Fitzgerald, M.Ed., LPC

TRN Coordinator:
Cora Passanisi, MSW, LCSW

Launch date: March 26, 2020