Job Description of a TRN Consultant

The role of the TRN Consultant is to provide pro bono consultation to the TRN clinicians who are providing disaster interventions or other supports/services offered to the community. The Consultant may provide consultation to TRN members via phone, in person or through video (ie. Zoom, Skype, etc).

It is expected that the TRN Consultant must be an EMDRIA Approved Consultant or have completed a minimum of ten (10) hours of training, if they are Consultant In Training.

The Consultant, in a cooperative effort with the local TRN, will help to develop a model to be used during community interventions. This could include R-TEP, G-TEP, EMD, the Recent Event Protocol or other appropriate interventions.

The TRN may also decide to offer a support oriented community service that does not include a disaster intervention.