Job Description of a TRN Coordinator

Actively lead efforts to ensure that TRN clinicians are recruited and oriented to Trauma Recovery/HAP TRN policies and procedures.

Serve as a liaison with the Trauma Recovery/HAP office and local emergency management.

Maintain a copy of the following records:

  • Volunteer Agreement Form
  • Current Professional Malpractice Form
  • Current Professional License Verification
  • Current contact information for all TRN group members and send a copy to the TR/Hap office.
  • Maintain TRN meeting notes.
  • Support all volunteers to use the TR/HAP website to sign up as a volunteer and as a TRN Volunteer.

Provide Trauma Recovery/HAP’s Clinical Director with a year-end written statement that includes a synopsis of the TRN activities for the year.

Work to ensure the all-new and existing TRN members know how to access the on-line TRN manual and can print sections that they would like to have for a hard copy.
The Trauma Recovery/HAP Program and Community Development Director will add the name and contact information of the new TRN Coordinator to the national list of Trauma Recovery/HAP affiliated TRN Coordinators.

Coordinate and publicize specialty trainings that are sponsored by Trauma Recovery/HAP, to support the volunteers on-going training needs.

Coordinate TRN referrals in a timely manner.

Where indicated, coordinate fiscal issues with Trauma Recovery/HAP.