Trauma Recovery Network (TRN) Volunteer Description

A clinician who wants to volunteer for the local TRN, should meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of EMDR Basic Training, Part I and Part II including the required ten hours of consultation. It is strongly recommended that all TRN members be EMDRIA Certified in EMDR, due to the nature of the trauma intervention that is provided.
  • If the clinician is not certified but would like to provide clinical services as a part of their volunteer work with the TRN, then it is recommended that the TRN Consultant assess the skill level of the clinician prior to approving the clinician for clinical services with the team.
  • Registration on the website of Trauma Recovery/HAP as a TRN Volunteer.
  • Maintain a current clinical license and submit a copy of their license to the local TRN Coordinator.
  • Maintain current malpractice insurance and submit a copy of the cover page to the local TRN Coordinator. For clinicians who work for an agency who do not carry their own malpractice insurance, the clinician must clarify if the agency will authorize the clinician to provide such services under the agency’s malpractice insurance. A statement from the agency to this effect must be provided and kept on file with the TRN Coordinator.