EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs
EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs
EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs

emdr humanitarian assistance

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Trauma Recovery/HAP
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EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs

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  General Information

HAP provides low cost basic training in EMDR in two multi-day events, Part I and Part II. We also provide half day and full day workshops in Traumatology. HAP's EMDR training is based on the model of the EMDR Institute and meets all requirements of the EMDR International Association. HAP training events are co-sponsored by a local community agency.

Many of these sponsoring agencies apply for CEUís for HAP training events, additionally, CEUís for all HAP events can be purchased through ce-classes.com www.ce-classes.com

To learn more about becoming a sponsor agency, go to our TO SPONSOR A TRAINING EVENT section

EMDR PART I AND PART II are available for licensed mental health clinicians at the masters degree level or above, or for masters level clinicians on a licensure track, with permission of their licensed clinical supervisor. In keeping with its mission, HAP normally trains only clinicians working 30 or more hours per week in community based, non-profit settings.

Individual clinicians who qualify for HAP training are usually served in a sequence of training events sponsored by their own agency or another local community agency. If no such training is available, individual clinicians may inquire about vacancies for participants in other scheduled HAP trainings.

To learn more about participating as a clinician in a HAP training event, go to our TO REGISTER FOR A TRAINING EVENT section

If you are ready to register, select the event, listed on our current TRAINING SCHEDULE


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