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Teach EMDR

Qualified volunteers make up the faculty of Trauma Recovery/HAP’s EMDR Basic Training. These EMDR Basic Trainings are offered to clinicians that work in nonprofit organizations and community mental health agencies in the United States and around the world.  Volunteer teams staff these reduced cost workshops.  Volunteer roles include Logistics Support, Facilitator and Trainer. 

Volunteers also have the opportunity to present specialty trainings (such as Trauma First Aid and R-TEP/G-TEP) and occasionally develop their own trainings, which are available for streaming on the Trauma Recovery/HAP website.

Teaching EMDR is a rewarding volunteer opportunity and enriches your own understanding of EMDR. To begin your training to become a facilitator at a basic EMDR training, you must be an EMDRIA approved consultant. Facilitator training involves completing an application, passing an interview, participating in mentoring, and attending four weekend trainings

Logistic Support

Logistics volunteers provide important on-site support at Basic EMDR Training events. This role facilitates site set-up, participant check-in and registration.

This is a non-clinical role that requires no prior knowledge of EMDR or clinical skills. 


EMDR Facilitator

Facilitators are an integral part of the training teams for Trauma Recovery/HAP’s EMDR Basic Trainings. Facilitators provide instruction and support for the practical piece of the training, which is a key component of each EMDR training workshop.

If you are a facilitator for the EMDR Institute you are automatically qualified as a Trauma Recovery/HAP facilitator. When you register as a volunteer please check the facilitator or facilitator in training box and describe your situation in the text box. We would also like to know if you are interested in trainings outside of the U.S.

To become a Trauma Recovery/HAP facilitator, volunteers must already be an EMDRIA approved consultant. We also ask for references from an existing facilitator or other consultant. Experience as an adult trainer or educator is also helpful. (For more information on EMDRIA standards for certification and approved consultant status go to www.emdria.org ) Interested volunteers who meet these qualifications are added to our list of volunteers awaiting a facilitator training class.

If you are an EMDRIA-Approved Consultant or Consultant in Training and would like to find out more about our Facilitator in Training program, please contact volunteers@emdrhap.org or 203-288-4450.

EMDR Trainer

Trainers lead the training process and the volunteer team at Trauma Recovery/HAP’s Basic Trainings. Trainers are EMDRIA Approved Consultants with previous experience as facilitators in basic EMDR training. (For more information on EMDRIA standards for approved consultant status go to www.emdria.org)

If you are a trainer for the EMDR Institute you are automatically qualified as a Trauma Recovery/HAP trainer. Consultant level clinicians with prior experience in teaching or facilitating EMDR workshops are welcome to apply to become a Trauma Recovery/HAP trainer. Trauma Recovery/HAP may periodically train trainers using the same standards and procedures as the EMDR Institute. Trainers in training complete a workshop for trainers and a comprehensive process of internship under senior trainers at Trauma Recovery/HAP training events.


Get Involved Today

To get involved educating others as part of Trauma Recovery/HAP faculty – please register as a Trauma Recovery/HAP Volunteer (or update your existing Volunteer account). 

For more information, please contact Trauma Recovery/HAP’s Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@emdrhap.org