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“There is no comparison to the EMDR training provided by Trauma Recovery. The trainers, facilitators and consultants are expert in EMDR technique, but equally invested in teaching client care. Trauma Recovery training is unique in helping therapists learn to communicate about EMDR with patients and the interpersonal skills required to help clients overcome anxiety and explore past trauma.”

Beth Rogers-Doll, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Agnesian Behavioral HealthCare

“Ms. Powers,
Please accept my thanks for your posting on behalf of our troops. When you speak for them, you also speak for their concerned and suffering families.  EMDRIA and Trauma Recovery/HAP have been professionally generous in their efforts at promoting and teaching EMDR to our clinicians and working with our unit, Behavioral Health/Counseling Services at Camp Pendleton.  Give an Hour is laudable, and it is also very useful for us, as referring agencies to know that there are EMDR private therapists, in the vicinity who can accept TRICARE and Military 1Source Insurance to work with our Marines, Sailors and families. In addition to sexual trauma, TBI problems, as well as other combat operational stress issues, persist in our military community, ultimately affecting everyone. Again, your post is appreciated.”

Marine & Family Programs/Counseling Service

“We truly appreciate the affordable and effective training provided by Trauma Recovery/HAP. Our staff has gained valuable clinical tools through Trauma Recovery/HAP’s thorough and thoughtful training.”

Health and Education Services
Beverly, MA

“We couldn’t have asked for better training. I have had nothing but rave reviews from all participants.”

Naval Medical Center
Portsmouth, VA

“We continue to feel blessed for all that [was] brought to us and our practice.”

The Center for Grief Care and Education
San Diego, CA

“It is always nice to be reminded of our participant’s experience by sitting in their chair.”

Participant comment after practicum session at an EMDR Training

“EMDR therapy has given me hope that I can live my life pain free… I have undergone a transformation I never thought possible. This is undoubtedly due to my therapist’s expertise in conjunction with the wonder of EMDR therapy. When my therapist first explained EMDR to me, I thought that it sounded crazy and science fiction like. Flashing lights, vibrating hand paddles and beeps in your ears and it magically transforms your mind into thinking thoughts you haven’t had in years and seeing, smelling and reliving things you forgot were there? Just Crazy. However, as crazy as it sounds, it works.

When I first walked into my therapist’s office, my mind was a mess. I was often erratic, had racing thoughts and outbursts that I couldn’t control directed to the members of my family that had wronged me and I didn’t see a way out.

EMDR therapy helps you process things you never even knew were bothering you. It takes you to a place in your mind that your mind blocked out to protect yourself, and brings it to the forefront in order to let you process them, and then put those thoughts back away, not to forget them but to keep them somewhere where they can no longer hurt you.

EMDR is an amazing therapeutic tool that anyone should consider to utilize to better their situation, no matter what that may be.”

An EMDR Client