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Basic EMDR Training Scholarship Fund

We are excited to begin a new Scholarship Fund Program in 2023! The purpose of the Scholarship Fund is to provide scholarships to master’s level (or higher) students that are interested in working in Community Mental Health.

Trauma Recovery/HAP will award approximately twenty (20) scholarships per calendar year. The scholarship application process will run two times per year, in June and in December.

Students will receive scholarship funds via a voucher to be used for Trauma Recovery/HAP EMDR Basic Training.

First Round of Scholarships

We opened the application process in December 2022 for the first time and received an impressive number of excellent applicants. Individuals were asked to answer several questions, such as “Why do you want to work in the sphere of community mental health?” and “How and why learning EMDR is important to achieve your clinical goals?”

One applicant shared, “My goal is to be of service and bring hope in a situation that can feel hopeless. I can do that by having an array of tools that can help assist in the healing process, and one of those tools is EMDR. My interest in EMDR comes from hearing about my co-therapists’ success rates and personal experiences that were shared with me.”

In line with the mission of Trauma Recovery/HAP to build capacity in underserved communities, our scholarship recipients are working with the following populations and focus areas,

  • Survivors of intimate partner violence and their families
  • Human trafficking
  • BIPOC communities
  • Women who have experienced complex trauma, domestic violence, sex trafficking, and sexual assault
  • Correctional facilities
  • Veterans and active-duty military
  • Native Americans,
  • Refugee and immigrant communities who have resettled in the United States

Congratulations to our very first group of scholarship recipients!

Cassandra Cay

Michella Conrad

Maria Dimachkie

Ashley Hammelman

Joanna Lampa

Doaa Mahrous

Ella Martin

Christine Rosas

Matthew Spaulding

Roxanne Swanson

Mariana Tiwari

For more information on the Scholarship Fund click here.