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Call to Support Turkey

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In 1999, Trauma Recovery/HAP responded to the large earthquake in Turkey by organizing the first EMDR trainings in that country.

The therapists we trained in EMDR were immediately able to offer EMDR treatment to the earthquake survivors and have built a strong EMDR community in Turkey.

Now the unthinkable has occurred again.

As I’m sure you know, the need has never been deeper. The numbers of traumatized people are so much larger.

According to Turkish colleagues, in several cities, 80% of the buildings have collapsed. The whole country is a trauma zone; millions of people have been relocated to 81 cities around Turkey and are in desperate need of support.

A Turkish EMDR therapist reports that, “I personally, and everybody around are feeling symptoms of acute trauma and we’re all living deeply the sorrow of this tragic loss.”

Please help our Turkish colleagues expand their efforts to offer help and healing to their people.

Please donate now.

Any amount will help as we work with our colleagues in Turkey to meet their most pressing needs and understand how we can be most effective in bringing trauma healing to Turkey.

Our heartfelt thanks,

Carol R. Martin
Executive Director
Trauma Recovery/HAP