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Celebrating Founder’s Month – June 2024

Dr. Francine Shapiro’s vision ignited the creation of Trauma Recovery, EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs nearly three decades ago. She worked to provide a clear path of hope and healing via EMDR therapy for those grappling with emotional trauma. Today, her profound influence and pioneering spirit still resonate within the fabric of our organization.

As we kick off Founder’s Month this June, we honor the enduring legacy of Dr. Shapiro, reflecting on her multifaceted roles as a trailblazer, educator, author, mentor, and visionary. Her remarkable journey continues to be a source of motivation and inspiration, infusing our mission with purpose and drive.

Today’s Pioneers – Our Volunteers

Since the beginning days of our organization, we’ve relied on the generosity of volunteer EMDR therapists to make a significant impact for individuals suffering the effects of trauma. Volunteers are the backbone of HAP, supporting various initiatives, from training to disaster response, both locally and internationally, echoing Francine’s vision and passion in everything they do.

Recently, one of our volunteer Faculty members shared this reason for getting (and staying) involved for over 5 years now, “I feel passionate about training more clinicians in this amazingly transformative therapy. EMDR therapy shifted my clients progress into high gear and I love seeing the changes they make in their lives. I can only help so many clients in my career and being able to teach others to do EMDR extends my reach of positive change in the world.”

Many of our volunteers serve in more than one role, such as Luna who is a member of our Trauma Recovery Network and a HAP Facilitator. Luna shared that, “When I discovered HAP and the mission they serve I felt like I found my professional family. The impact we made serving the community after the Parkland MSD Shooting in 2018 made me more passionate about spreading EMDR teaching in the therapeutic community. I saw firsthand the huge impact EMDR had on long term healing. I feel blessed and fortunate to be part of this inspiring and dedicated community.”

Volunteer Dominque shares the full circle experience she’s undergone being an EMDR patient, then clinician, and now also teaching new clinicians, “In 2007, EMDR changed my life as a client. In 2013, HAP made it possible for EMDR to change my life as a clinician. I volunteer for HAP to pay forward the immeasurable gifts I received when I, myself, was a HAP trainee.”

Francine emphasized the idea of “paying it forward” and fostering collaboration between clinicians, organizations, and especially various countries throughout the world in order to spread EMDR therapy far and wide.

“I like what HAP is doing regarding training therapists from all over the world. I believe in EMDR and how it can be a major part of the healing process,” shared one of our Faculty members.

We are grateful for our community of volunteers and supporters who share Francine’s dedication, and our dedication, to pursuing a future where EMDR therapy and healing is readily accessible.

Take an Active Role in Founder’s Month

We invite you to actively participate in Founder’s Month and engage with our wonderful community. Every act of support, no matter the size, makes a difference in carrying forward the mission of Trauma Recovery/HAP.

Here are a few actions you can take: