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Session 107

Follow Up With Your Primary Care Provider…Opportunities for EMDR in Primary Care with Integrated Behavioral Health


As specialty care becomes more difficult to access, most patients and families arrive in the clinic of their primary care provider with trauma-related symptomatology following single and chronic traumatic events and are in need of trauma-related intervention. The primary care behavioral health (PCBH) model embeds Behavioral Health providers into primary care settings who, when trained in EMDR, can utilize the AIP model and their role on the primary care team to make care settings more compassionate and sensitive to the needs of patients suffering from trauma-related symptoms. The longitudinal relationship with the primary care provider also allows for the behavioral health provider to more easily build a relationship and gather a history to initiate EMDR treatment when indicated. Learn about the primary care behavioral health model and role of integrated behavioral health providers in treating trauma in primary care with EMDR through the study of 2 case examples.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Attendees will be able to describe key components of primary care behavioral health and the role of the Behavioral Health provider on the interdisciplinary team.
  2. Attendees will identify common trauma-related problems that present in primary care and strategies for providing education on EMDR and AIP theory to healthcare providers and patients.
  3. Attendees will be able to describe 1 example of how to apply the AIP and/or an EMDR protocol to a common problem presenting in primary care.

About the Presenter:

Kelli Bosak, LCSW is a Behavioral Health Consultant and Co-Director of Integrated Behavioral Health at North Bend Medical Center on the Southern Oregon Coast. Kelli is passionate about primary care behavioral health, which motivates her to use her clinical training in EMDR to identify pathways for treated trauma-related disorders in the primary care setting. She is currently pursuing EMDR Certification.

Presenter(s): Kelli Bosak, LCSW

Day & Time: Friday, April 21
4:10 PM – 5:10 PM

Length of time: 60 minutes

Credits: 1 EMDRIA CEU and 1 CE
*Pending approval.