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Ohio, N. Kentucky & E. Indiana chapter photo The Ohio, N. Kentucky and E. Indiana Trauma Recovery Network will serve the combined communities of Ohio, N. Kentucky and Eastern Indiana.

Community Focus: Our mission is to work with people individually or in groups who have experienced natural and unnatural (i.e. mass shooting) disasters. Referrals vary by county, but are related to emergency services and response. We will work with those who have experienced both natural and unnatural disasters in 2019.

Model: Our model will include the use of EMD, IGTP, R-TEP, and G-TEP. Uninsured clients of a local mass disaster will be offered six to ten pro bono sessions. Our referrals will come from the Red Cross, police, fire department, mental health agencies, EMS, etc. The regional area will include the following Ohio counties: Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Greene, Hamilton, Montgomery, Preble, and Warren as well as Northern Kentucky, and Eastern Indiana.

EMDR clinicians will provide six to 10 pro bono sessions.

TRN Coordinator
Casey Frazee Katz, MA, LPCC
7504 Perry Street, #31306
Cincinnati, OH 45231

TRN EMDRIA-Approved Consultant
Barbara Hensley, EdD, LPCC
9900 Carver Road, Suite 101
Cincinnati, OH 45242

TRN EMDRIA-Approved Consultant
Irene B. Giessl, EdD
Psychologist, LPCC
9900 Carver Road, Suite 101
Cincinnati, OH 45242

TRN Launch date of August 8, 2019

To join this TRN® network contact a coordinator:

Marcie O'Neil,
Linda M. Mika

Email: caseyfrazeekatz@lpcc.hush.com

7504 Perry Street, #31306
Cincinnati, OH 45213
Cincinnati, OH 45213USA

TRN® Support

Trauma Recovery/HAP
2911 Dixwell Avenue, Ste. 201
Hamden, CT 06518

Phone: (203) 288-4450
Fax: (203) 288-4060
Email: info@emdrhap.org

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