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Athens TRN model:
Our TRN will utilize the full 8 Phase EMDR Standard Protocol, EMD, RDI, Recent Event Protocol, Recent Traumatic Event Protocol (R-TEP), and Group Traumatic Episode Protocol (G-TEP) protocol based on clinical need and clinician competence. We will provide one 2.5 hour pro bono session when using the GTEP protocol and provide 6 - 10, one hour sessions when using the other protocols.

Athens TRN mission statement:
The Athens Area TRN will provide free, time limited EMDR services to individuals, families and communities affected by sexual violence and child abuse. Referrals will be from the Cottage Sexual Assault Center.

Athens TRN Coordinator:
Brianna Sterling, LCSW
Email: Brianna Sterling <brianna@heartstoneth.com

Athens TRN Approved Consultant
Carolyn Rasche, Ph.D.
email: cbrasche@gmail.com

Launch date: 10/22/21

To join this TRN® network contact a coordinator:

Email: brianna@heartstoneth.com

834 Prince Ave
Athens, GA 30606USA

TRN® Support

Trauma Recovery/HAP
2911 Dixwell Avenue, Ste. 201
Hamden, CT 06518

Phone: (203) 288-4450
Fax: (203) 288-4060
Email: info@emdrhap.org

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