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Together We Have Healed Trauma

Bessel van der Kolk said, “hurt people, hurt people.” Our mission is to help clinicians heal hurt people with EMDR therapy. Throughout 2019, Trauma Recovery, EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs (HAP) has worked with many of you in numerous training sessions and TRNs pro bono relief efforts to heal trauma victims, and stop the cycle of hurting. Trainers, facilitators, consultants and clinicians have met in trainings across the United States and the globe to train in EMDR therapy and relieve trauma suffering. Together we have increased worldwide capacity to treat trauma, built community resilience and helped victims recover. EMDR clients say:

“I could not go back to school without extreme anguish and pain, then after we started I got through a whole Monday,” – Mass Shooting Survivor

“After the latest EMDR session, my reprocessing continued and I was able to resolve my blocked memories of my abuser, and have resolutions.” – Sexual Abuse Survivor

“It was a life changing experience but not in a negative way. I have learned so many lessons about myself and realized I can handle more than I thought I could….I am strong. I can find peace in the midst of chaos, the fire did not beat me, I beat it.” – Camp fire Survivor

Trauma Isn’t Planned, Can We Afford to Wait?

Many clinicians who’ve considered training in EMDR with Trauma Recovery, EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs have told us they delayed training, joining a TRN or supporting Trauma Recovery because it seemed like a lot of work, a commitment, and something they could put off. There was no urgent need. After witnessing the devastating impact of trauma in their own community from manmade violence, natural disaster or working with victims of PTSD, they got involved. All wish they’d had the knowledge and experience with EMDR to treat PTSD and trauma and before disaster struck.