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Photo of monthly donors Carol Forgash and Hank Glaser.

Monthly Giving Program – Why Carol and Hank Give Monthly

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We want to share an approach to donating to Trauma Recovery/HAP that may be new to you.

We are longtime Trauma Recovery/HAP supporters and monthly donors. We want to encourage you to make a regular monthly donation too.

Here’s why.

The idea is a simple one that is beneficial to the donors, and the organization.  It’s good for us, as donors, because we don’t have to lay out a large sum for a yearly donation but can still give the same amount over time.

Most importantly, monthly donations allow Trauma Recovery/HAP to have a constant infusion of money, so that they can fund both existing programs and new initiatives.

Please join us to help this organization grow!

May 2021 be a good year.


Carol Forgash and Hank Glaser

Join the Monthly Giving Program

Your monthly donation sustains our ongoing programs and allows us to grow as an organization. Common monthly donation amounts are $50 and $100, however you can choose whatever amount is right for you! Thank you so much for your investment in Trauma Recovery/HAP.

To sign up as a monthly donor, visit our Monthly Giving page: https://support.emdrhap.org/give-monthly/Donate