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Trauma Recovery/HAP Expands Our Team

Sally Parmelee – Advancement Officer

Photo of new staff member, Sally Parmelee.

Meet Sally Parmelee, a non-profit development and communications professional, and Trauma Recovery/HAP’s new Advancement Officer. Sally joins our small, but mighty staff with roughly 9 years’ experience working in the non-profit field.

Before joining Trauma Recovery/HAP, she was part of the Development team at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts, managing a variety of fundraising initiatives, including events and online campaigns. She has extensive experience with nonprofit communications and marketing, including social media and website management.

From 2011 to 2017, Sally lived in Central America, specifically in Guatemala, and worked internationally for the nonprofit WINGS, Women’s International Network for Guatemalan Solutions, an organization advancing reproductive health and rights in Guatemala. There she gained valuable experience working with foundations and grants, as well as developed a working level fluency in Spanish.

As Trauma Recovery/HAP’s Advancement Officer, Sally will work to build upon the marketing and fundraising efforts of the organization. She is especially excited to grow awareness for the work being done by Trauma Recovery/HAP. Sally shares, “One thing I truly love about working in development is the opportunity it presents to be involved in so many different fields. I have worked for nonprofits focused on elementary education, reproductive health, housing, and now I’m diving in EMDR and mental health.”

Lori Pereira – Training and Faculty Consultant

Photo of new staff member, Lori Pereira.Some of you may already know Lori Pereira, as she has been a Trauma Recovery/HAP facilitator since 2015. In addition to her roles as a facilitator and trainer, Lori joins our team as the new Training and Faculty Consultant, where she will lead our Facilitator-in-Training (FiT) Program. Her work will increase the overall quality of our program including the recruitment, training, and retention, as well as improve our policies, procedures, and overall communication practices.

Lori brings extensive experience and skills to our team. Currently, she is owner and consultant at Lori Pereira Consulting in Denver, CO. She also works full time as the Quality Improvement and Compliance Director at LifeStance Health – Colorado. As a Licensed Professional Counselor since 2008 and an EMDR Approved Consultant since 2015, Lori specializes in treating trauma and is focused on treating the “whole” person. Anyone who works with Lori quickly sees she is warm, welcoming, and passionate about helping others heal, recover and grow.

Lori’s first connection with Trauma Recovery/HAP was in 2007, when she completed HAP’s EMDR Basic Training. The mission and values of the organization truly resonated with her, and right then she decided that her EMDR journey would include eventually volunteering with Trauma Recovery/HAP. In 2015, Lori developed an EMDR Therapy Program for a community mental health center in Colorado.  In order to support the training needs Lori established a partnership with Trauma Recovery/HAP to schedule annual trainings. The partnership helped build an EMDR Therapy Program that trained over 50 therapists at this CMHC.  Lori then went on to complete the Facilitator in Training Program and the Trainer in Training Program with Trauma Recovery/HAP.

Lori shared, “As we navigate providing the Basic EMDR Therapy Training in the remote environment, our new volunteers have additional needs that include learning and managing the practicum setting using virtual technologies. Another challenge we are facing is helping new and veteran volunteers engage with each other in a way that continues to support connection, learning, and innovation. We are developing opportunities for our volunteers to engage and connect with each other in the virtual setting. My goal is to help us recruit and retain a diverse facilitator faculty that will help our training participants integrate the information they learn in the morning lecture into actual clinical practice.”

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