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TRN Associations Continue their Efforts to Bring Community Healing in the Wake of Mass Violence

The Trauma Recovery Network (TRN) grew out of the HAP tradition to bring mental health clinicians with evidence-based therapy to the scene of disasters. Over time and with experience, a comprehensive program of preparation, mitigation, rescue, and response has been developed so that hundreds of skilled volunteer clinicians can serve their communities affected by disasters.

This year has been a demanding year for TRN members throughout the United States. The pace at which we are witnessing mass shootings and experiencing mass trauma in the United States is hard to grasp. Before we even begin to process one violent event, another event has unfolded. The nonprofit Gun Violence Archive recorded 464 mass shootings as of September 5, 2022. This follows the record-breaking year that was 2021, with 692 mass shootings recorded.

We want to recognize the hard work and dedication of the following TRN Associations who have responded to recent traumatic events in their community and continue to provide support:

Greater Chicago TRN –Highland Park Shooting

Western New York TRN – Tops Supermarket Shooting

Albuquerque Area TRN – Wildfires in New Mexico

MI-Tri County TRN – Oxford School Shooting

*This list is not exhaustive. We know there are many more TRN members working hard in their communities to provide trauma healing.

We would like to welcome the following TRN Associations established this year:

Kansas City Missouri TRN

East Tennessee TRN

TRN of Greater Vancouver

This year has demonstrated, yet again, the need to grow and strengthen our Trauma Recovery Network. We continue to hold quarterly meetings with TRN Coordinators and Approved Consultants where valuable information is gathered and exchanged between associations, as well as needs for support such as advanced trainings and promotional resources are brought forward. The next meeting is scheduled for October 12, 2022. We strongly encourage members to attend.

For the very first time, we will host a Trauma Recovery Network Conference to provide TRN volunteers and EMDR therapists an opportunity to network, build community, and expand their skills and knowledge. The 2023 TRN Conference will be April 21-22, 2023 in Garden Grove, CA. This annual conference will take place in a different region of the U.S. each year, to allow as many individuals as possible the ability to attend in-person.

Wondering How You Can Help?

Each Trauma Recovery Network association is charged with the responsibility to assist in times of emergency with pro bono services and to address ongoing circumstances contributing to trauma in their local communities.

If you are a trained EMDR therapist (having completed both Part I and Part II) you can join your local TRN Association as a member. Simply create a Volunteer Account and Apply to Join your local association.

If there is not a TRN Association in your state or county, we can help you start one! Find out more about the process to start a TRN Association here.

If you cannot volunteer your time as a TRN member, you might consider making a donation to the Francine Shapiro Disaster Recovery Memorial Fund. All donations to this fund support our disaster preparedness and recovery efforts, in particular the work of our Trauma Recovery Network.