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Category: TRN® & Training Stories

Building Capacity and Strengthening our Network

In early June, Trauma Recovery/HAP organized its first virtual meeting of the Trauma Recovery Network Association Coordinators and Approved Consultants. The meeting was well attended with over 30 participants and is the first of many upcoming quarterly meetings established to help build a stronger community of dedicated volunteers. Members were eager...

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Welcome TRN Association of Monterey Bay

During the final week of March 2021, we expanded our Trauma Recovery Network (TRN) with the inauguration of the TRN Association of Monterey Bay. This new network serves the counties of Monterey and Santa Cruz, California. The mission of the TRN Association of Monterey Bay is to assist their diverse community members in times of emergency, with pro...

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Norcal TRN® Brings Trauma Recovery To The Camp Fire Victims

TRN Mobilization Delivers Results The NorCal TRN has begun to wind up its emergency response to treat Camp Fire victims.  The results of their heroic and selfless efforts are amazing.  The TRN served over 500 Camp Fire survivors.  They documented forty-eight percent of participants noting a reduction of symptoms after the sessions. Sixty-four percent...

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Training Florida Keys

One TRN Organizer’s Story Until you’ve lived it, smelled everything rotting out on the road, lost everything, and seen the suffering of everyone you know, you cannot fully understand the trauma that devastation and loss from Hurricane Irma left on the Florida Keys community, “ says Sarah Brawer, Counselor, MA, CAP, LMHC and coordinator of the new...

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