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TRN® & Training Stories

Trauma Recovery/HAP trains over 3,000 clinicians in EMDR Basic Training 1 and 2 every year.  Many of those clinicians get more deeply involved with advanced trainings, workshops and in community-based Trauma Recovery Networks® across the US, and worldwide.  You’ll find their stories here.

Rescue workers and clean up crews pictures with American flag at ground zero. Image by WikiImages from Pixabay
December 13, 2021 / TRN® & Training Stories

20 Years: Reflecting on Our 9/11 Disaster Response Efforts

Enormous energy…Cooperative effort…Outpouring of help…Adrenalized…Amazing to witness…Transformative… These are just a few of the words and phrases used by Trauma...
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July 9, 2021 / TRN® & Training Stories

Building Capacity and Strengthening our Network

During the month of June, Trauma Recovery/HAP organized its first virtual meeting of TRN Association Coordinators and Approved Consultants, and hosted a live, virtual training aimed to help EMDR trained clinicians further their skills in dealing with survivors of homicide.
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Colorful homes along the water in Monterey, CA.
July 9, 2021 / TRN® & Training Stories

Welcome TRN Association of Monterey Bay

During the final week of March 2021, we expanded our Trauma Recovery Network (TRN) with the inauguration of the TRN Association of Monterey Bay. This new network serves the counties of Monterey and Santa Cruz, California.
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City of Parkland
February 3, 2020 / TRN® & Training Stories

Success Story Video: Parkland Florida

 There are TRN's all over the country responding to community disasters.
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Fire damage
September 6, 2019 / TRN® & Training Stories

Norcal TRN® Brings Trauma Recovery To The Camp Fire Victims

TRN Mobilization Delivers Results The NorCal TRN has begun to wind up its emergency response to treat Camp Fire victims. ...
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Hurricane destruction
August 28, 2019 / TRN® & Training Stories

Training Florida Keys

One TRN Organizer’s Story Until you’ve lived it, smelled everything rotting out on the road, lost everything, and seen the...
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Group at Borderlands
July 28, 2019 / TRN® & Training Stories

Trauma Recovery and Resilience for Separated Immigrant Families in the Borderlands

Trauma recovery and resilience has been building at the El Paso, Texas, - Juarez border for years. In 2008-2009, long...
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